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119 F St
Salida, CO, 81201
United States

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Gallery of Past Work

Celebrating 10 Years!

The Maverick Potter opened in May of 2008 by owners Mark Rittmann and his wife Suzanne. Call it what you will, a leap of faith or burning desire to follow the pottery tradition, Mark left a 15 year career in the beer business to open up the Maverick Potter. Our wheels have been spinning ever since! Check for announcements on our Facebook page:

Mark Rittmann

Studying with a native potter in Ecuador during my college years solidified my interest in clay.  Working the clay with my feet, harvesting tree limbs to fire the kiln, and forming pottery on his truck tire pottery wheel gave me a new connection to clay.  I enjoyed the fact you could take the earth, form it, subject it to heat and you would have a pot.   The possibilities are endless and it merits a life time of exploration.

Earning a BA in Ceramics from Lewis and Clark College in 1991 was a start.  Since then I have shown in galleries around the West and have been a member of numerous clay organizations.  In 2008 I started the Maverick Potter, a full time pottery and gallery in Salida.  

My current focus is on architectural forms using multi-piece thrown and hand built construction techniques.  These pieces are then fired in any number of kilns to allow the fire to play its part on the clay canvas.

 It is my hope that the energy I put into my pottery helps to connect people to the earth, to the art of handmade, and the tradition of artisanship.